Spice Up Your Push-Ups

The Suspended Push-Up

Photo by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash

As you’re hopefully aware, the humble push-up is a tried and true exercise that develops muscles of the chest, arms, shoulders, and midsection. Once mastered though, the standard push-up could become a little too easy. Thankfully, there are near as many push-up variations as there are stars in the galaxy, so never fear, the suspended push-up is here!

For this version, I have used a TRX, but any suspension trainer will do.

This version is much more challenging than with your feet on the ground and is harder still than an elevated push-up because of the unstable nature of your feet being suspended. When suspended, your abs and lower back muscles are forced to contract to keep your back flat. You’ll also notice you need to keep your glutes firm as well to keep the hips from sagging. Basically, you’ll need to create total body tension to maintain optimal form and move through the range of motion in a slow and controlled manner. Imagine there is an orange sitting on your lower back, your goal is to be stable enough that it wouldn’t roll off while performing a set.

If you need to make it harder still, try going even slower by using a 3–1–3 tempo. 3 seconds to lower down, a 1 second pause at the bottom, and 3 seconds to push back up. At this pace, each rep takes 7 seconds, if you perform 10 reps, that’s over 1 minute of work.

My next article will detail a suspended push-up using rings, so check back soon for that.



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